Noella Foundation

Noella Foundation

Every Life Matters-
We will develop targeted initiatives to address key societal challenges and create global impact.

Addressing key societal challenges that are not often spoken about through strategic partnerships and impactful initiatives.

Noella Foundation was founded in 2018 by Layal Tinubu and her husband Seyi Tinubu. Their mission was clear – to work with a dedicated network of partners to develop and execute impactful initiatives that address various key challenges that the Nigerian society currently faces.

Our mission at Noella Foundation is to transform the lives of vulnerable and marginalized women, children/young adults and the elderly in specific communities and provide lasting solutions. Our strategy is to work closely with existing partners and experts in relevant fields to champion their causes and the amazing work that they have done to date, whilst looking to the future and working to keep the momentum going through innovative solutions.

Our core areas of focus will be:


Our priority over the next ten(10) years will be Primary and Secondary education. Our vision is to ensure that young and vulnerable children from low-income families and impoverished communities have access to quality education and after-school support – we aim to develop several different initiatives throughout the year to make this happen.


Our overarching goal is to ensure that young adults have access to schemes and opportunities that will set them up for the future. We do this by equipping them with the skills and networks needed to build meaningful careers. Throughout the year, we will focus on developing initiatives that involve expert workshops, scholarships, skills-building hubs and much more.


The current healthcare system in Nigeria is challenging. As of 2023, Nigeria now has one of the highest maternal and child mortality rates in the world, as well as a life expectancy that is lower than the global average. Due to the amount of work that is necessary to develop our healthcare infrastructure, we will focus on various areas, including but not limited to: Maternal health, Teen pregnancies, Sickle Cell and more. One of Our vision is to support over ten thousand (10) pregnant women across Nigeria by 2025.

Hunger Eradication

Hunger eradication is a major challenge, as Nigeria has one of the highest rates of food insecurity in the world. According to the World Food Programme, 88.5 million people are currently without sufficient food consumption (a 12.9% increase from July 2023). Noella Foundation will partner with organisations, communities and schools to develop initiatives that will provide children and individuals with nutritious meals, daily.

As Noella Foundation continues to grow and evolve, we remain steadfast in our commitment to create lasting global impact. We believe that by investing in the potential of individuals and communities, we can create a brighter future for all.

Partner with Us

Support Noella Foundation to create a Nigeria where every child has quality education, no one goes hungry, jobs are plentiful, and quality healthcare is accessible to all. Be a volunteer, sponsor, or donor – together, we can create lasting solutions.
“The Noella Foundation aims to create positive change by promoting economic growth, development, and addressing societal issues. We support partners in implementing targeted initiatives to achieve specific goals within our focus areas. It is an honour to tackle these challenges and work to find effective solutions with our partners who do such great work each and every day. I promise to give more than my best to the vulnerable members of our nation.”
Layal Jade Tinubu
Founder & Executive Director Noella Foundation