Noella Foundation

A Visit to Lagos Island Maternity Hospital

Maternal healthcare remains a critical issue in Nigeria, with many expectant mothers facing challenges in accessing quality care. Committed to improving these outcomes, the Noella Foundation embarked on a visit to Lagos Island Maternity Hospital. This visit wasn’t just about financial support. By engaging directly with key personnel and expectant mothers, the foundation aimed to identify specific gaps in maternal care and explore opportunities for improvement. Productive discussions were held to understand the needs of both staff and patients. These insights will be instrumental in developing targeted interventions that directly address the challenges faced by pregnant women. Through open discussions with staff and expectant mothers, we identified specific gaps in care and tailored our donation of essential items to directly address their most pressing needs. Ultimately, the Noella Foundation seeks to enhance the overall quality of maternal healthcare services in Nigeria, ensuring a smoother journey for mothers-to-be.

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